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I started my career in 1999 with P&G in Ireland, as a newly graduated Mechanical Engineer, producing beauty products such as Olay & Cover Girl. I learned very early on the power of servant leadership and the requirement to truly engage every team member to enable sustainable, systemic improvements. I transferred with P&G to the U.S. in 2003 and worked in Iowa City, Cincinnati and Boston. I was given the opportunity to lead large organizations at a young age with the amazing support structure of valued coaches and mentors. I also completed my MBA in the University of Iowa during this time. My favorite role in P&G was leading the Iowa City factory, the largest Beauty Care facility in the world, and helping the team there reach their potential. In 2017, I moved to Northwest Cosmetic Labs as COO and shortly thereafter was appointed CEO. I led my first acquisition and integration in 2018 of Colorado Quality Products and immediately rebranded our company as Elevation Labs to encourage sharing of best practices. Elevation Labs is a rapidly growing innovator and manufacturer of beauty products for many high-end brands around the world. 

I love nothing more than spending time with my family - Allyson, who I married 2006, our daughter Keelin (born in 2009) and our son Michael (born in 2011). I met Allyson while working at P&G in Iowa City (she also began her career as an engineer also). She now runs an interior design business ( while keeping the entire family organized and supporting my work in the most selfless way. Keelin has a bubbly, outgoing personality, is super creative and a great walking buddy. Michael (the 7th generation Michael Hughes) was born on St. Patrick's Day and loves mountain biking, skiing and golf...we are already spending a lot of time outside together! 

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I am one of 5 children, born and raised in County Wicklow, Ireland. Our parents instilled in us values of integrity, kindness and a strong work ethic. I worked from the age of 14 in a local pub, where I learned many life lessons that still impact me today (in a positive way!) and kept that job through my college years. Although our family is spread from Idaho to Chicago to Germany to Ireland, we remain very close and visit each other often.

Outside of work, I like to golf, ski & mountain bike. I have always loved to travel and am growing more passionate about my hobby of photography ( With limited time, I try to combine activities where possible - I listen to audiobooks while driving, I watch documentaries while working out and now as our kids grow, I am getting quality family time while hitting golf balls or exploring the mountains. 

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